Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kyosho Aluminum Shock End

This is a repro item obviously, but u will probably never need to buy a shock end again, they are 3mm

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rod Ends & Pillow Ball Replacements Optima/Javelin

Was searching for a suitable replacement and located these from tower from the ST-15 Series, probably same as original kyosho molds.  Few More Random Parts here from Tower's ST-15 Suitable for a optima/javelin build.

Pillow Balls - Towerhobbies Link

Steeting Pillow Balls - Towerhobbies Link

6mm Pillow Balls - Towerhobbies Link

Steering Linkage - Towerhobbies Link

Shock Bushings - Towerhobbies Link

Shock Ends - Towerhobbies Link


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Modern Tire Options

Well, with tires being OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive on ebay, i've constantly been on the lookout for Modern Tires readily available that have a "vintage kyosho" feel to them.  There isnt much out there, but I will update here as I find more.


Tamiya Wide Stud Spike Tire 84 - 53059 - Link Here

Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Shock Clamps Repro Aluminum

Nicely made red aluminum, I own 2 sets from a while ago, great quality

OT-89 & OTW-7 Replacement Belts

Looks like this seller in japan is offering some replacement belts for the optimas here.  He is offering a ton of other belts including some lazer ones etc.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ultima/Optima Outdrive Alternatives

For the Non Ball Differential, this is a good alternative

How good do these look next to the black oxide ones, nice bling addition to any project

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fibre-Lyte Carbon Fiber Parts

These guys make the absolute best and highest quality carbon fiber replacement parts for the Optima Cars here. They have a TON of other cars and parts, but the optima and mid parts stick out.  They are made from the best carbon fiber and prices are very reasonable. They are in the UK, but its worth the extra shipping


AvidRC Bearings

Typically a $1.00 a bearing, good prices, large selection, and fast shipping, highly recommended.  This is the easiest place to order bearings and find them once you know the sizes

Fastener Express - Hardware

Need random 3mm screws, 4mm nuts? Washers? stainless steel? aluminum? anodized aluminum? no problem...  They have everything, in good quantitys, and good prices.  Little Tip, i sometimes like to buy longer screws if i know i need longer ones, and will cut them down with a drememl if i know i need maybe 2-4 shorter ones, saves money.

Marwan Reproduction Bodies & Decals

Marwan makes a HUGE selection of kyosho bodies, some exceptionally high quality bodies for ultimas, optimas, and javelins.  Also he makes decals for almost every kit.  He has the selection in the trade tab.

Tamiyaclub Link -

Team Blue Groove Bodies

Team Blue Groove also has a variety of Kyosho restoration bodies. For Ultimas, Optimas, Javelins, etc.  Quality is ok but I here he uses a cheaper lexan that makes the bodies brittle.  Perfect for a shelfer restoration and probably a runner

eBay Link -

Pargu2000 - Ebay Optima/Javelin/Ultima Parts

Pargu2000 Makes some amazing, EXCEPTIONALLY high quality restoration parts for optimas, javelins, ultimas, scorpions, and many more cars.  His Wheels are amazing, the optima parts are available in a variety of colors anodized, and his stuff is great and i couldnt recommend his stuff more. I threw in some pictures here of different parts.  He makes stuff all the time, and also "apparently" sells out of certain things, so get them while they are hot!

Team Blue Groove Machining

his is a ebay store, I own his ultima chassis set and am happy with it, the top plate is only a 1.2mm plate, which is a throwaway peice in my opinion, but the shock towers and chassis are great. The Motor Plate is nice machining but it is really necessary? His Carbon Fiber Appears to be some sort of CSC material, basically not a full carbon fiber, but a cheaper variant, with fiberglass layers sandwiched between, BUT it is high quality and probably just as strong. I cant remember the last time i broke a nice 3mm thick peice of fiberglass on a 1/10th scale electric car, have you?

 Here are a few pics and a link to his ebay store.  Carries Parts for RC10's, Optima/Javelin, Optima Mid, and Ultimas.