Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team Blue Groove Machining

his is a ebay store, I own his ultima chassis set and am happy with it, the top plate is only a 1.2mm plate, which is a throwaway peice in my opinion, but the shock towers and chassis are great. The Motor Plate is nice machining but it is really necessary? His Carbon Fiber Appears to be some sort of CSC material, basically not a full carbon fiber, but a cheaper variant, with fiberglass layers sandwiched between, BUT it is high quality and probably just as strong. I cant remember the last time i broke a nice 3mm thick peice of fiberglass on a 1/10th scale electric car, have you?

 Here are a few pics and a link to his ebay store.  Carries Parts for RC10's, Optima/Javelin, Optima Mid, and Ultimas.

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